O24™ Pain Neutralizer is a 100% natural pain relief solution.

O24™ Pain Neutralizer is indicated for the fast, longlasting relief of muscle and joint pain resulting from arthritis, rheumatic conditions, spasms, inflammation, sports activities, and everyday physical stress and strain.

O24™ provides effective “strong, safe pain relief”. Physicians, practitioners, clinics, athletic organizers and consumers throughout North America and Europe have endorsed O24™.

Created by a European scientist, the unique O24™ process combines seven of the world’s finest ingredients: camphor oil (white) (Japan), eucalyptus oil (Australia), aloe vera oil (Mexico), peppermint oil (India), rosemary oil (Spain), lemon oil (USA) and orange oil (USA). Only the highest quality essential oils are used, and O24™ contains no preservatives, synthetics, additives or fillers.

O24™ is made using a unique process that combines the essential oils without the use of any outside binding agent. This removes any need for additives or chemicals, leaving O24™ pure and powerful. This unique process also allows for a much higher concentration of each individual oil, enhancing the power and effectiveness of the O24™ oil formula. It also contains a significant number of powerful ingredients that work synergistically and are absorbed rapidly by the skin.

O24™ may provide up to six hours of relief. Individuals may experience varying lengths of relief depending on the degree of pain. The effect of O24™ can be felt almost immediately, with most users experiencing relief within 10 to 15 minutes of application. Optimal results can be obtained by using O24™ Pain Neutralizer regularly.

Medical and clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of O24™ Pain Neutralizer.

O24™ pain relief products were used in a neural surgery clinic for 3 months. In general, it was found that local application of O24™ almost completely eliminated muscle, joint, and ligamentrelated pain. Recovery times were shortened and swelling went down quickly.

A one year European study, involving over 1000 patients, looked at the results of O24™ use in a general surgery department. A few drops of O24™ were applied to the injured areas of 384 patients with uncomplicated fractures, crushes, excoriations and contusions, immediately upon arrival in the emergency room. Almost all patients confirmed immediate pain relief, and most of the patients did not experience any swelling. Except for in the case of fractures, the time needed for complete convalescence was shortened by six days.

The application of O24™ immediately after injury was also looked at in the case of crushes and contusions sustained by professional ice skaters. It was observed that almost all patients experienced significantly fewer disruptions in their training programs as a result of pain and swelling.

O24™ was also applied to fatigued or overused muscles after excessive training periods. As a rule, the recovery period was significantly shortened and skaters were able to resume their normal training sessions within a day.

O24™ is available as a 30ml spray bottle or a roll-on. It can be used three or four times a day.

O24™ should be sprayed onto the affected area and massaged into the skin in a circular motion with light pressure. O24™ can be used during massage or physiotherapy sessions.

Two to four sprays of O24™ can also be put into a running bath. It is suggested that this be done before bed for the best results. Capturing the pain and tension throughout the entire body, O24™ will be both effective and relaxing, allowing the consumer to wake up more refreshed and less stressed.

O24™ may be used for pain management without building up a tolerance. A healthcare professional should be notified if any type of symptom persists for more than seven days.

O24™ has a distinctive, but pleasant, scent, similar to peppermint. If the scent is too strong, O24™ can be washed off after 20 minutes without diminishing effectiveness.

Since O24™ is absorbed by the skin quickly, a bath or shower can be taken about 30 minutes following application. As O24™ does not contain capsaicin, there will be no burning sensation upon contact with hot water.

No long term side effects have been reported. Rare instances of minor skin irritation and allergic reaction to peppermint have been reported.

There is no known drug interaction with O24™ and any prescription or OTC product. It is not necessary to, nor should you, combine O24™ with any other topical pain medication.

O24™ should not be used by pregnant women, children under the age of 2, or persons suffering from epilepsy. O24™ is not for use on wounds, or damaged or irritated skin. Contact with the eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided.


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